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Translation and
interpreting services

We offer translations of texts on general topics or highly specialized technical texts.

Our highly qualified translators with many years of experience translate for you from Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Dutch, Serbian, Bosnian, Slovenian, Czech, Hungarian, Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Russian languages ​​into Croatian and vice versa.

Text translations are charged per standard text page, not per regular page. A standard translation text page consists of 1500 characters with spaces, so there can be more text pages on one page, depending on how many characters there are. Send us your translation document for a free estimate of the number of standard pages and the translation price.

In addition translations, we will do editing, proofreading and revision of your text for you. If you are not sure which of these you need, send us the text and we will provide an assessment.

EDITING – orthographic, linguistic and stylistic correction and editing of the author’s manuscript, harmonisation with the Croatian standard language norm

PROOFREADING – correction of typographical errors in the text after graphic preparation, before publication

REVISION – checking the accuracy of terminology and quotations, harmonisation of the translated text with the original

We provide oral, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting of business meetings, negotiations, trade fairs, seminars, visits to your business partners abroad or any other event for which you need a trustworthy translator.

Our translators travel with you abroad or throughout Croatia and can provide assistance in solving bureaucratic and administrative procedures in state institutions, ministries, with notaries and attorneys and in any situation where you need a reliable and trustworthy translator.

Often the translator is a crucial factor in the business negotiations process because the course of the negotiations depends on their linguistic competence and experience and the ability to understand the spoken and unspoken word, and to convey complex concepts and semantic nuances of speech. The knowledge of customs, habits and culture of a country will contribute to a thorough understanding of the intentions of your interlocutor. Therefore, our translators will be of great help in such situations.

Simultaneous interpretation is a type of interpretation that is most commonly used during international conferences, seminars, congresses, symposia or training where a large number of people follow the speaker’s presentation. Simultaneous interpreters translate presentations into the target language at the same time as the speaker, without a time lag, thus not extending the duration of the event.

Interpreters are located in soundproofed booths. The speaker’s words are translated using a microphone, while the listeners follow the translation through headphones and receivers. Due to the extreme complexity of the job and the need for a high level of concentration, simultaneous interpreters work in pairs and take turns every 15 to 20 minutes. Professional standards require that two translators be hired for every engagement exceeding 60 minutes.

The entire simultaneous interpretation process is supported by state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment. To make the event go smoothly, the entire audiovisual system is supervised by a technician, who ensures perfect sound quality coming from the booth into the headphones.

Consecutive interpretation is a type of interpretation most commonly used during business meetings, negotiations, round tables, company assemblies, trade fair visits, seminars, workshops, press conferences, visits to business partners abroad or any other event attended by a smaller number of people.

In that case, the interpreter stands or sits next to the speaker and translates his/her presentation part by part without any technical equipment. Therefore, you need to take into account that the event will last twice as long as the regular time, because the translation into another language generally takes the same time as the presentation in the original language.

It is better to organise consecutive interpretation for a smaller number of people, and if it is an all-day event, it is necessary to hire two translators due to the complexity of the work and the high level of concentration that translators must maintain at all times.

If only one person needs interpretation during a round table, short seminar or business negotiations, it is then enough to hire one translator for whispered interpretation.

The interpreter will sit next to the person who needs the translation and will simultaneously translate the presentations, without any equipment and in a whisper, so as not to disturb the other participants in the meeting.

In this case, the listener of the translation will hear both the speaker and the translator, so this type of translation is not recommended for longer meetings because it is extremely demanding for both the translator and the listener of the translation.

We are at a time of the coronavirus pandemic, physical distancing and difficult crossing of borders and travel. You want to present your products and services to foreign partners, clients or institutions, hold regular annual meetings with your suppliers or customers, a conference or congress, your company’s annual or election assembly, and your company members, customers or conference participants are abroad and cannot come to Croatia?

The solution is our online platform which, in addition to the possibility of remote interpretation into 30 world languages ​​at the same time, also offers the possibility of remote voting for the needs of company election assemblies! Our simultaneous interpreters work from translation booths located in our translation hub, in controlled and isolated conditions, while respecting all public health measures. The entire process of transferring sound from the booths to your headphones at the other end of Croatia or the world is controlled by our technicians so that every moment of your event goes smoothly.

The cost of holding such an event is significantly lower, as there are no more travel expenses, accommodation, banquets and other ancillary costs.

Contact us with confidence for more details.

Translation rates:

In translations, the basis of calculation is one standard page (1500 characters with spaces).
The price of the translation depends on the quantity, type and complexity of the text, as well as the translation turn-around time.

Ask for a free offer.

In case of oral interpretation, the duration of the translation service (hour, half day, day or several days) is taken into account, the language from which and to which it is being translated and the type of translation.

Send us a query with important information regarding the event for which you need translation services (date, time and venue, the required language combinations, topic, number of participants) and we will provide you with an offer as soon as possible.

Court interpreters

A court interpreter is a person appointed by the president of the county or commercial court, who is authorized, at the request of the court, a physical or legal entity, to translate written or spoken text from Croatian into a foreign language, from a foreign language into Croatian or from one foreign language to another one for which they are appointed. With their signature and seal, court interpreters guarantee that the translation fully corresponds to the original text.

A court interpreter translates and certifies the following documents:

  • Personal documents (citizenship certificates, diplomas, transcripts, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificate, certificates of no criminal record, other certificates and licenses, etc.)
  • Legal documents (contracts, lawsuits, court decisions, regulations, laws, ordinances, minutes, signature verification, apostilles, power of attorney, etc.)
  • Economic and financial documentation (excerpts from court registries, loan contracts, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, statistical reports, bidding documentation, sales contracts, invoices, etc.)
  • Medical records (discharge letters, medical findings, certificates of sick leave, etc.)
  • Technical documents (certificates, technical specifications, manuals, bills of quantities for construction works, description of works) and so on.

The court interpreter fees are regulated by the Ordinance on Permanent Court Interpreters (OG 88/2008).


Foreign language courses

Dialogo offers individual and group courses for companies, tailored to your wishes and needs. If you want to brush up and improve your foreign language skills or learn a new language, please contact us. We will customize the program to your current level of knowledge and business needs.

Individual courses are designed for businesses users or individuals who do not have the time or the possibility to follow group courses with a predefined weekly schedule and pace. The course dynamics are defined in consultation with the student, taking into account their business commitments. The course curriculum is designed according to the specific needs of the user, defining the objectives in advance. The focus is on business communication and correspondence.

Group courses for companies are fully customized to the needs of the company, the particularities of the industry (commerce, ICT industry) or department (procurement, sales, marketing, finance, human resources). In addition to working on all language skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking), business topics related to a specific branch are also covered. On top of the usual teaching materials, we also use original materials, professional publications and texts and internal documents of the company. By simulating different business situations, meetings, presentations or negotiations, our students will improve their speaking and interpersonal skills and prepare for demanding business situations.

The client can choose general or business language courses and industry-specific language (law, finance, tourism, sales, etc.), or regular, intensive and conversational courses.

Dialogo also offers Croatian language courses for foreigners. If you want to learn the basics of Croatian or deepen and improve your current knowledge and become an independent speaker of the Croatian language, our teachers will help you.

The programmes and levels of knowledge of foreign languages ​​are in line with the recommendation of the Council of Europe on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Online foreign language courses

All our foreign language courses can be organized online, remotely, over Skype from the comfort and safety of your home or office.

You can attend an individual foreign language course remotely with experienced foreign language teachers and native foreign language speakers, all of your choosing.

You choose the dates of the course by prior arrangement with the teacher. All you need is good will, an internet connection, headphones (for better sound quality) and a camera (optional).

An individual course can last half an hour or an hour. You can choose whether to work only on conversation or also on grammatical and morphological structures. 

Once you try online classes, you won’t be able to do without them anymore! Start learning a foreign language today!

During the online course you will quickly:

  • Enrich your vocabulary
  • Improve your ability to converse in a foreign language
  • Gain speed and fluency in foreign language expression
  • Become confident in communicating with foreigners

Other services:

Testing of foreign language knowledge

Our teachers can test foreign language skills of your employees or candidates in selection procedures for positions in your company, placing special emphasis on the needs of the company and the specific requirements of the position for which the candidate is competing.

When as a future employer you want to determine the potential candidate’s level of foreign language knowledge for a job position, our team of language experts will hold a selection interview in the foreign language and after completing the testing submit a report on the level of knowledge in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages​, along with a descriptive assessment of the candidate’s knowledge and an evaluation of their language competencies.

By testing oral and written expression, all language skills of a foreign language are checked, the knowledge and understanding of specific vocabulary, as well as coping with everyday and business situations.

Testing can be performed individually or in groups.           

What the employer/company will get:

  • Information on the level of knowledge of a foreign language (written and oral expression)
  • Selection interview in a foreign language adapted to your company’s activities (technical terms that are essential for the job)
  • Certainty of foreign language knowledge upon hiring
  • Professional impression which your company as an employer leaves in selection interviews that are conducted in a foreign language
  • The ability to improve your candidate’s language skills to the desired level.
Content writing

Content writing is the process of planning, writing, and editing online content, usually for digital marketing purposes. This can include writing blogs and articles, scripts for videos and podcasts, as well as content for specific platforms. Whether you want to present or promote your product or service, drive sales, or attract customer attention, you have an idea, but you don’t know how to put it into words, we will write the content for you.

Recording advertisements with native speakers

If you are making a short film for the purpose of presenting your company in the best light, and you are addressing a foreign market, please contact us as for native speakers who will read the text about your company in the language of the market you are addressing.

Croatian language workshop "Write correctly"

is a practical business communication workshop in Croatian designed for companies that want to improve their employees’ written communication.

Emphasis is placed on the most common spelling and grammatical errors in the Croatian language, which are addressed through practical examples of good and bad practice. Participants will learn how to speak Croatian without the use of Anglicisms, so that everyone may understand them. They will also receive ready-made solutions for established written communication templates through various forms, from e-mail to writing business documents (letters of intent, invitation to negotiations, bids, procurement request, minutes of meetings).

The lecturer will be able to answer questions and will provide examples from practice, so even before the workshop you can send us examples of letters and documents that you use every day, and which you would like to correct or just check.

Content reading, singing and announcement

We can also convey your message by reading it, announcing it in front of an audience, even singing it. For radio or television commercials with new, fresh voices, moderating various events, reading poetry or literary passages, dubbing or recording songs, we bring together academically trained actors and professional journalists.

Transcription and translation of audio recordings

Transcription involves listening to an audio file and writing down the spoken text in the source language. When the client needs a transcript of texts from audio or video materials and their translation into foreign languages, a professional translator listens carefully to the text and at the same time translates it into the required language. Such translation is extremely demanding because the recorded text does not provide for pauses for translation, is often incomprehensible or the sound is of poorer quality. It is therefore crucial that this job is performed by a translator who knows the language in depth, both the native and foreign language, often in its colloquial form or slang. Such a translation process is complex and demanding because for just one minute of the transcript, the recording sometimes has to be listened to a dozen times. Such translation is most often used for subtitling in foreign languages.

About us

A team of experienced and dedicated teachers and translators, native speakers, with many years of experience teaching foreign languages and translating, are always at your disposal for all types of translations and foreign language courses.

We are experts in areas that place the role of the translator at the forefront: consecutive translation of business meetings, negotiations, seminars, visits to business partners and trade fairs. Our customer care goes beyond mere translation. It includes thorough familiarity with the business and administrative environment, knowledge crucial for advancing your business and transforming important opportunities into successful business. We approach all our clients in an individual and flexible manner, while our communication is efficient, quick and clear.

We accompany you in all situations where you need a trustworthy translator, where dialogue is what makes the difference. Our team is ready to accompany you on your business trips in Zagreb, Croatia and abroad.

Through dialogue with you, we will come up with a solution tailored to all your language needs, be it written or oral communication, for better results at your business meetings.

We listen to your requirements, and in all circumstances we are flexible in finding solutions that meet your needs.

Professionalism, continuous professional development and complete adjustment to the requirements and needs of the client, guarantee our quality, while our enthusiasm, openness, communication and flexibility characterize our approach.

For those who wish to master a foreign language, ​​we provide individual or group courses, general or business language courses of various levels and intensity. We strive to make learning a language not just useful for our clients, but a fun activity that will improve your business and personal competences.

Open a dialogue with us! We look forward to our future meetings.

Goranka Mišerić, prof.,

translator and certified translator for Italian

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